What Casa Tuja Means To Us❣️

Casa Tuja is a country house located in the Molise region in South-Central Italy. Molise is the most unexplored area within our country as well as the area with the lowest level of pollution. It is the perfect place to inhale fresh and clean air and to enjoy natural elements such as green hills and crystal-clear sea. Many enchanting and heterogeneous places surround Casa Tuja: castles, amphitheaters, mountain trails, marvellous woods, sanctuaries, lakes, small villages and also a contemporary art outdoor museum. This marvellous land is also proud of its ancient traditions and it is possible to take part to thousand-year-old unique festivals. In this scenery arises Casa Tuja, a blast from the past, where deeply-rooted, hide our family memories. Our ancestors lived here and worked at the land. There was no electricity at that time so they used to sleep in a room together with cows, which warmed them up with the heat of their breath. They devoted their entire lives to the cultivation and growth of olives and grapes, to create the best extra-virgin olive-oil and wine. I’ll never forget how my grandparents used to pamper me when I was very little. They used to wake me up bringing me a delicious “zabaione” made with fresh eggs and sugar. They worked at the land as well, so that my family and I grown up always eating farm-to-table food. Our sweetest memories are related to this place and you could feel it by the positive energy in the air. Thanks to what our loving past taught us, we are still used to live our lives in a simple way, to be touched by the small things, to value what really matters and to respect and take care of nature and each other. These are the basic principles of Casa Tuja, our country house immersed in the Molise hills overlooking the sea. Casa Tuja is the perfect place to slow down and enjoy a down to earth way of living. We chose to decorate it with a minimal design and natural colours, selecting responsible materials that respect nature and our planet. By naming our place Casa Tuja, we honored our past and our future. Our past because it comes from our regional dialect. Our future because it means “Your House” and our purpose is to make our guests feel like they were at home.


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